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Maurice Jones - MUTEK.JP (JP)

Maurice Jones is an international curator and cultural diplomacy researcher based in Tokyo, Japan. Following ventures into journalism and business consultancy, he has been producing and curating MUTEK in Japan since its launch in 2016. As MUTEK.JP's Artistic & Communications Director, he is committed to the promotion of electronic music and digital art in Japan and the wider region of East Asia. Holding an MA in International Studies from Leiden University, he’s heavily invested in exploring the interconnection of art, music, science and technology and its impact on social progress, public policy and intercultural exchange on a global scale. In 2018 Maurice also became one of the founders and activists of United Curators, created for curating a new generation of interdisciplinary art projects, together with Natalia Fuchs (ARTYPICAL).


Les androïdes sont-ils des humains supérieurs ?
MUTEK 2019, montreal



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