A/Visions 2

(2014-03-07) A/Visions 2

Teatro Tivoli


Nils Frahm will be presenting his new, highly-acclaimed album Spaces (Erased Tapes Records, 2013), as a mix of classically-informed performance and new live set which was debuted at MUTEK in Montreal this past May 2013. Having performed one year earlier at MUTEK.MX in Mexico, Frahm´s appearance in Barcelona closes a loop in the global MUTEK program. Frahm’s concerts have been regularly selling out, and his appearance at MUTEK.ES will be no exception!

vendredi 07 mars 2014 23:59 - samedi 08 mars 2014 01:15

Teatro Tivoli
Carrer de Casp, 8
Barcelone, Espagne


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