(2019-01-31) MUTEK Japan X DIGITAL CHOC
The Institut Francais du Japon together with MUTEK.JP invites to join for their collaborative efforts as part of the “DIGITAL CHOC” festival of new images and digital culture.
DIGITAL CHOC presents a wide range of French and Japanese creativity and collaboration, in order to showcase recent developments in new media: from digital arts and video games to animation, film and electronic music. The theme for this 8th edition is centered around how artists use new technological tools such as augmented and virtual reality to apprehend the world around them in new ways, to rediscover it by changing perspectives, investigating from different angles, reproducing it and changing it. This year’s theme is aimed to initiated a new sense of consciousness about the environment we live in.
jeudi 31 janvier 2019 12:30 - jeudi 21 février 2019 23:15
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