MUTEKLIVE137 - Microfeel

MUTEKLIVE137 - Microfeel

31 juillet 2017

MUTEKLIVE137 - Microfeel

Live @ MUTEK Mexico 2016

Microfeel (ES) 
Wednesday October 19, 2016 - Casino Metropolitano (PLAY 1)
Mastered by Pure-evilness

WHO: Argentinian musician based in Barcelona, Sebastián Seifert.
STYLE: Electronic and experimental dub with click pop and ambient sounds of ample specter.
LABELS: Randómika, Basilar Records.
LATEST WORK: Back to the Seed (2015)

Microfeel is the musical project of Sebastián Seifert—Argentinian musician based in Barcelona, Spain. Microfeel works with textures and filtered emotions meshed with different ambient, IDM, experimental sounds, and a language which evokes a grand visual design. Even though electronic music is the base of his work, Microfeel has the will to transcend genres and disciplines.


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