MUTEKLIVE138 - Cyané

MUTEKLIVE138 - Cyané

31 juillet 2017

MUTEKLIVE138 - Cyané

Live @ MUTEK Mexico 2016

Wednesday October 19, 2016 - Casino Metropolitano (PLAY 1)
Mastered by Pure-evilness

WHO: Mexican music producer and artist Cyané.
STYLE: Electronic pop and techno with high flying melodic sounds
LABELS: Static Discos, Infiné
LATEST WORK: Stand Sol (2016)

Cyané has evolved personally and internally: this process was sought after her latest “Stand Sol”. Her music is an intimate connection between sound and journeys. The wide sound specter of Cyané can be seen in its electronic rhythms à la Kompakt, as well as in her ethereal synthesizers surrounded by the elegance of her voice.


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