01-05 JN

Festival international de créativité numérique et de musiques électroniques

Québec Canada

Tim Westcott (CA)

Play 4: 1 juin 2013, 22:30 - 03:00
Tim Westcott: 22:30 - 23:10


Portland-based Canadian sound artist Tim Westcott, who records as WNDFRM (and previously Cloudburst), produces gorgeous washes of muted dub techno and meditative drone. With a tool set of digital effects, abstracted percussions, tonal ambience and restyled field recordings, Westcott affords himself the luxury of exploring subtle variations in his lush, minimalist soundscapes. Over the past year, he has worked on film soundtrack projects, performed a live dub techno set at Seattle’s Decibel, and has released on the Portland-based Nueva Forma label and a number of international imprints.


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