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Jacques Greene - The Look

The Look is the EP debut of Jacques Greene. Get to know this legit 21 year-young house producer of deep rnb-inflected modern-house. A serious record. Released worldwide on 12" and Digital - December 14th 2010.<br /> <br /> Credits:<br /> Producer - Vaughn Robert Squire (<br /> Director - Andrew Gordon Macpherson (<br /> Cinematography - Peter Hagge (<br /> Concept and Treatment - Jacques Greene + Andrew Gordon Macpherson.<br /> Editing and Post Production - Andrew Gordon Macpherson<br /> Locations and Casting - Vaughn Robert Squire <br /> Hair and Makeup - Heather Yau (<br /> <br /> Model #1 - Nicole Brand<br /> Model #2 - Bobbi Kay<br /> <br /> Special thanks to LuckyMe for their support and input, Josh Pape and Mark Brand for location help on short notice, and to Jacques Greene for making the music.

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