MUTEK 2000
in Montréal

The first edition of MUTEK is launched by Alain Mongeau, as part of his mandate as Director of New Media Programming at the Ex-Centris complex. Already functioning as New Media Director for Montréal’s International Festival of New Cinema and New Media (FCMM), MUTEK is conceived originally as a complimentary platform to FCMM, designed to explore the intersection between sound, music and new media.

MUTEK 2000 takes place from June 7 to 11 at the Ex-Centris complex, at Café Campus and at Laïka. The line-up features 34 international and local artists with an attendance of just over 2000 people.

MUTEK grows and expands

The following editions of MUTEK in Montréal maintain the preciously balanced line-up of local and international talent, while the festival keeps topping itself in terms of participating artists and audience. And with more and more public from outside of Québec beginning to consider the festival a worthwhile excursion, MUTEK rapidly establishes itself as a unique rendezvous in North America.

Starting in 2002, MUTEK begins developing its international activities. Today, MUTEK has presented more than one hundred events worldwide, among them, the annual festival editions in Mexico City (10th edition in 2013) and Barcelona (5th edition in 2014).

MUTEK in time and space

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The momentum of EM15

MUTEK turns 15 in 2014! The anniversary edition takes place in an exceptional context as MUTEK teams up with the Elektra festival to co-present “EM15”, which also represents the international heart of Montréal’s first Digital Spring. The festival presents more than 150 artists and 300 professionnals and registers over 50 000 entries to all of its events.

EM15 in Montréal

EM15 puts two very special venues at the heart of its action: Montréal’s Musée d’art contemporain and the adjacent Esplanade de la Place des Arts. Offering a rich artistic program indoors and outdoors, the festival also unfolds at the Impérial Theatre, at Métropolis, at the Phi Centre for the day-time program, and at Jean-Drapeau Park for its habitual Piknic Électronik collaboration. The associated program invites festivalgoers to explore even more of Montréal, especially the Society for Arts and Technology, the Quartier des spectacle’s architectural projection sites, and the various venues across the city hosting the International Digital Arts Biennial.

The MUTEK community

With the festival in Montréal and various events held around the world, MUTEK continues to share its breathtaking adventure not only with hundreds of artists, but also with thousands of festivalgoers. The link MUTEK creates between electronic music lovers and digital creativity enthusiasts is what we call the MUTEK community, and what we would like to make obvious and visible with the MUTEK trajectory cartography project.

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