MUTEK 2017, montreal

Société des arts technologiques [SAT] - Satosphère

Built upon an intricate manipulation of acoustic sources that incorporate modern classical, ambient and minimal techno influences, Murcof’s evocative sound layers mournful melodies and intricate micro rhythms in a soundtrack for elation and melancholy, transporting the listener through lush and fragile territories.

Now relocated to Barcelona, Corona started out in his native Tijuana, Mexico as an original member of Baja California’s Nortec Collective under the name Terrestre. With a dozen full lengths and many EPs to his credit, Murcof has shifted his classical sampling into full scale collaborations with French jazz trumpeter Erik Truffaz and more recently, neo-classical artists such as pianist Vanessa Wagner. His imagistic and moving music also has a knack for inviting visual collaboration, including several soundtracks, a long running audiovisual project with AntiVJ that employed multiple transparent screens, and his recent collaboration Nebula, which pairs him with Montrealer Jimmy Lakatos' laser formulations.

No stranger to the potentials and tricks of surround and spatial sound in a performance context, Corona played through the 3D sound array of Intorno Labs at MUTEK Barcelona last year and will deliver a stereo liberated set of his original score for the film Lost in Time by Montréal visual artist Patrick Bernatchez in the sonic sphere of the dome at SAT.


Société des arts technologiques [SAT]


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