Diane Labrosse + A_Dontigny

Diane Labrosse + A_Dontigny (CA)

This is an impassioned exchange between two all-terrain musicians and masters of improvisation. Proud sampling warrior Diane Labrosse and Aimé Dontigny, a permanent member of morceaux_de_machines (Québec), reunite for a textured and rhythmically romantic conversation. Here, electronic isn't a genre or style but a rich dialogue woven of delicate ambiences, sonic layers, and explosive interventions spiced with surges of encoding. Between them, a diabolical and formidable listen.Diane Labrosse finds pleasure in confronting lyricism and incongruity, harmony and dissonance, structure and improvisation. Her attraction to unconventional sounds naturally inclines her to digital sampling, which she works with a definitively caustic perspective. For fifteen years, she has been performing regularly in the actuelle, improvised, and avant-garde music scenes.Self taught musician Aimé Dontigny has been working within the improvisational Noise sub-genre since 1995. He is a member of the 'free noise' collective Napalm Jazz and of the morceaux_de_machines project, both of which he founded with Erick Dorion.



Just for Laughs Museum


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