dioxyde (CA)

[ o v s k i i ] acoustik pigments in real timedioxyde is a Montreal-based bicephalous plurimedia creation cell whose core members are herman weeb and dominique (t) skoltz . Since its inception in 1996, dioxyde has focused its multi-faceted work, research and creation activities on exploring intersections between sound and image. Their multi-cellular work experimentally investigates the confrontation and tension between carbon and silicon based cultures. dioxyde's development of innovative digital techniques and tools produced a dense and eclectiK body of work that intermingles soundscapes, experimental films, and multi-channel installations.Ovskii - temporal triptych, marks a turning point in the collective's approach: it is the first time that dioxyde has developed a digital instrument (LoeeFrek) specifically for integrating sound and image to meet the duo's artistic preoccupations. With LoeeFrek, it is possible to transduce live and in real-time sound sources digitally into a visual matrix. It is an instrument that 'plays' sounds and visuals together, with various possible levels of intervention and interaction in and between both registers.




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