Apparat (DE)

Apparat’s Sascha Ring is a prodigiously eclectic German producer who’s been a fixture on the Berlin live scene for the past decade.  A consistently in-demand and intrepid producer who mines musical territory from Italian opera to more traditional rock-oriented creations, he has established a signature brand of ambient techno and bubbling, pop-leaning IDM that has earned him plaudits on both sides of the Atlantic. With his latest album, The Devil’s Walk (Mute), he’s shifted from his mastery of machines, to a more streamlined opus of shoegaze synths and expansive, melancholy ballads – sung by Ring himself. Having wowed MUTEK’s Nocturne attendees both as a stripped-down solo act in 2005 and as part of the stunning Moderat (with Modeselektor) in 2009, Apparat returns to the Montreal stage this year with full band. 


Just for Laughs Museum

German composer, and member of the Shitkatapult stable of artists-you may recall the electrifying spectacle by T. Raumschmiere at MUTEK 2003-Apparat is without a doubt one of the most open artists of his generation. A trained drummer, Sasha Ring aka Apparat's move long ago to Berlin coincided with the discovery of electronic, which permitted him to develop his potential to create sounds as disconcerting as they are varied: his current music is a delicate yet effective construction of 'treacherous' sounds assembled in complex fashion. Compared to more rhythmic productions, this flamboyant producer dares to venture among some very stimulating collaborations: Italian opera, more traditional rock-oriented creations, etc. To that effect, Apparat is an ever-changing artist who will present to MUTEK a stripped-down performance, armed only with the most peculiar weaponry: pure electronic compositions that will absorb you!



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