Valentin Stip

Valentin Stip (FR/UK)

A trained pianist who grew up playing Rachmaninov and Mozart, Valentin Stip was recently turned on to the compositional possibilities of computers, and in doing so, to electronic music. Having moved to Montreal a few years ago, he signed his first EP, Anytime Will Do, in spring 2011 on Clown & Sunset. His musical output doesn’t rush to the finish line, embracing space while crafting woolly atmospheres. Valentin is a founding member of the Booma Collecitve and record label based in Montreal and has recently relocated in Berlin releasing several EP´s and singles on ¨Other People¨, Nicolas Jaar´s new label project.

Expérience 4
MUTEK 2013, montreal


A classically trained pianist, before turning his attention to electronic tools, Paris-born Valentin Stip, began his investigations into introspective micro-symphonies, at around the time he moved to Montreal to attend McGill University. His soulful, minimalist, genre-defying reveries embrace the enigmatic space between twitchy beats – which brings to mind his leftfield friend and label head, Nicolas Jaar’s groundbreaking,Space Is Only Noise. Stip experiments with his open-ended sonic template, first deconstructing and then reshaping rhythmic tempos, drum and piano loops and clipped vocal samples. Stip released his cinematic debut EP Anytime Will Do, on Jaar’s Clown & Sunset imprint, in 2011, and has since toured extensively with the label. After playing at MUTEK’s Piknic event last year, he returns to the festival with an instrumental and ambient live performance.



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