Kode 9, MFO & Ms Haptic present 'Her Ghost'

Kode 9, MFO & Ms Haptic present 'Her Ghost' (UK)

Kode9 (sound design), Ms. Haptic (narration), and MFO (video) present Her Ghost, a collaborative performance project that reworks French director Chris Marker’s classic sci-fi film La Jetée, both aurally and visually. This homage was originally commissioned for the 2011 edition of Krakow’s Unsound Festival. A dark, post-apocalyptic, retro-futuristic mood prevails, in which humanity is given no other choice than to retreat to underground shelters and experiment with time travel. The imagery was carefully considered to evoke the daily anxiety of living in such a dystopian world. The team of artists opted for an aesthetic of Moiré patterns, a reflection on interferences and clashes between new technologies and humanity from a strictly biological standpoint.  

The Wire Session 3
MUTEK 2012, montreal

Monument-National - Balustrade (3rd Floor)

A/Visions 3
MUTEK 2012, montreal



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