Karl Lemieux + Hyena Hive

Karl Lemieux + Hyena Hive (CA)

Karl Lemieux studied cinema at Concordia University and created several short films including The Bridge (1998), KI (2001), Motion of Light (2004), Western Sunburn (2007), Trash and no star ! (2008) and Passage (2008). He co- founded Double Negative, a film collective based in Montreal focused on the production and screening of experimental film.

Karl has also worked on several musical and performance-based live projections. He has worked with many musicians including David Bryant, Roger Tellier-Craig, Efrim Menuck and Thierry Amar from Godspeed you ! black emperor, Jerusalem in my heart, Shalabi Effect, Elizabeth Anka Vajagic, Jonathan Parant, Alexandre St-Onge, Christof Migone, Thomas Ankersmit and Kevin Doria from Growing. He is currently working on a new film for the National Film Board of Canada with Spanish music composer Francisco Lopez.

CineChamber Live
MUTEK 2012, montreal

Cinéma Excentris


Karl Lemieux is a filmmaker and co-founder of Double Negative, a Montreal-based film collective. His live 16mm film projection performances include ongoing collaborations with sound artists such as Godspeed You ! Black Emperor, BJ Nilsen, Novi_Sad, Hiss Tracts (David Bryant [GY!BE, Set fire to flames], Kevin Doria [Growing], and many more). He has also contributed to three theatre productions by Marie Brassard. 
Bruno Julian and Marc A. Reinhardt work and live in Montreal, have been performing together as Hyena Hive since 2005. Blending elements of noise, power electronics, musique concrète and industrial unruly behavior. The intensity of their sonic assault relies on volume and sheer embodied presence. 
Resume of the piece:
This piece furthers the hands-on experimentations Lemieux and Hyena Hive have been conducting in their respective mediums as they engage in improvised dynamic relays. Their interaction is not based on material inputs or outputs but ingrained in lived experience to translate a powerful unified audiovisual gesture.

PLAY 2: Electric intensity, white-noise exchanges, and total liberation



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