Richie Hawtin

Richie Hawtin (CA)

Although he's technically a Canadian, Richie Hawtin will forever be associated with putting his beloved Detroit on the dance music map. Along with fellow Detroit pioneer Carl Craig, Hawtin helped break the second wave of Detroit techno. From north of Detroit in Windsor, Ontario, Hawtin has been a DJ, a producer, a record label owner, and a flag-waver for the underground Detroit scene which is only now getting the respect it deserves in the United States. Hawtin started his career DJing at underground parties in clubs like Detroit's Shelter. There he met his partner, John Acquaviva, and together they launched the influential Plus 8 Recordings label. Hawtin created a unique techno sound, which is regarded as synonymous with the city of Detroit. That sound, electro house, is very minimal, yet highly danceable. He is known for his use of the Roland TB-303 bass machine and that sound has become inseparable from quality acid house and electro recordings. These days, Hawtin kicks around with a TR-909 drum machine.

MUTEK 2014, montreal


A one-man music mogul who’s always challenged himself and peers to “do more than just dance music,” Richie Hawtin is Canada’s preeminent electronic music ambassador and a key proponent – alongside Carl Craig – in the second wave of Detroit techno. As a kid growing up in Windsor, Ontario (just across the river from the "D"), Hawtin’s fascination with technology and its limitless potential was already evident in the makeshift synthesizers he’d invent with his father, also an electronic music aficionado. The minimal techno guru, best known by his Plastikman alias and its revamped, Motor City brand of abstract techno/minimal acid, has spent more than two decades ahead of trends and (technological) tools. He was deeply involved in the development of the Final Scratch software that revolutionized digital turntable manipulation, and still enlists every new prototype and advancement as it arises. As an internationally acclaimed producer, DJ and label head (Plus 8 and Minus), he’s raised the stakes on what stadium techno performances could aspire to, chiefly through his state-of-the-art, experiential A/V shows under the Plastikman banner. Some ten years after his first live MUTEK debut, Hawtin returns to the festival with ENTER., an elaborate multisensory, multi-room extravaganza first launched in 2012 as an Ibiza residency. With a handpicked lineup, and a futuristic mise en scène exploring a convergence of sounds, sights and tastes, it’s safe to say Hawtin isn't done broadening electronic horizons just yet.


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