Nokami (CA)

Eric Filion is Nokami, a Montréal-based graphic designer and video performance artist whose panoramic artistic tableaux bring the invisible and inaudible to light, always acutely informed by his worldly travels. Subscribing to the Neoist movement, Filion’s visual canvas tends to explore the emotional clashes and harmonious correlations between ancient cultural traditions and the present day. His wide-ranging output includes Slice (2010), a videographic essay on the technological decomposition of the flight transportation world, as well as two collaborative projects with Toronto-based experimental sound artist Michael Trommer (aka Sans Soleil) that were presented at MUTEK --- first, Semiosis (2008), an ambitious, graphical study of visual signs and symbols, followed by last year’s Greyfield: Wavefield (2013), a dazzling data visualization piece investigating the psychogeography of commercial environments.

MUTEK 2014, montreal

MTELUS - Savoy

MUTEK 2014, montreal

MTELUS - Savoy


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