Franck Vigroux & Kurt d´Haeseleer

MUTEK 2016, montreal

Salle Pierre-Mercure

WHO: French musician Franck Vigroux and Belgian visual artist Kurt D’Haeseleer
LATEST: Centaure EP (2015), Peau froide léger soleil (2015) with Mika Vainio, Radioland: Radio-Activity Revisited (2016) with Matthew Bourne
MORE: Radioland is a Kraftwerk tribute celebrating the 40th anniversary of Radio-Activity and is also an A/V performance with Antoine Schmitt
MUTEKs: Barcelona: with Centaure, 2016; Montréal: with Tempest with Antoine Schmitt, 2013

French composer and noisenik Franck Vigroux knows his way around a variety of machines, turntables and the electric guitar. An enthusiastic student of the avant garde for two decades, his sonic inclinations exist between electroacoustic, post-industrial and contemporary experimental electronic music, intersecting often with theatre, dance, film and audiovisual works.

Upon encountering artist Kurt D’Haeseleer, Vigroux was inspired to stop making his own films, and Centaure is not their first audiovisual project together. Besides working as the artistic director of The Werktank, a production platform for media art concerned with the relationship between technology and perception, D’Haeseleer creates meta-images and "pixel-dramas" that tease the spaces between painting, video clips, cinema and performance.

A post-digital, virtual safari to the Anthropocene of our future, Centaure is a screen based, audiovisual realization mixing the physicality of Vigroux’s abrasive soundscapes with D’Haeseleer’s imagery of a ruined civilization replete with contaminated DNA and technologically distorted nature and humanity. The mutant human centaur here is not half horse, it’s half machine.

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