Bangkok Loops

MUTEK 2015, montreal


Analog and digital intensely overlap and blur into each other in refreshing, sometimes unsettling modes in this live audiovisual performance from Bangkok Loops. A Montréal artist triple threat, the project skillfully fuses Roger Tellier-Craig’s sampled and processed ambient score, Raphaël Demers’s real-time lo-fi 3D images and Charles-André Coderre’s on screen artistry using six 16mm film projectors screening deftly cut up, chemically treated and looped footage – with all materials curiously culled from a trailer for Hollywood flop (and Nicolas Cage vehicle) Bangkok Dangerous. Actualized previously at Montréal’s 2014 Festival du Nouveau Cinéma with the intention of each performance being unique, Bangkok Loops draws on the artists' penchants for technology oriented immersive collage: Charles-André Coderre devotes himself to analog techniques in his experimental films and visuals, including for Montréal band Jerusalem In My Heart; designer Raphael Demers applies the science of high tech programming and electronics to art and in his work at échoFab Montréal; and Roger Tellier-Craig (physically, but not musically absent for this performance), of Le Révélateur, approaches a range of different musical genres and technologies to create a timeless, mesmerizing aesthetic.

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