Frits Wentink

MUTEK 2016, montreal

Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal (MAC) - Main Room

WHO: Amsterdam-based producer and DJ Steve Mensink also known as Felix Lenferink, Urkelle, Kuhlmannmensink and half of Will & Ink
STYLE: Swinging synths, drunk organs and jazz-filtered, tape-saturated house jams
LATEST WORK: Rising Sun Falling Coconut EP (2016), Rarely Pure, Never Simple (2015), Live Fast, Dwayne Young (2015)
LABELS: Heist, Wolf, Bobby Donny
MORE: He’s been making music since age 10, laying down beats for primary school friends to rap over

Through a loop and collage approach to house music, Mensink compiles dusty lo-fi jazz samples, swinging synths, wobbly melodic hooks and infectious bass lines. His prolific output as Frits Wentink trampolines from disco, funk, jazz, soul and hiphop, skillfully grounded in irresistible grooves and exuberant, discerning takes on a well worn form.

As a precocious pubescent, Mensink was already making tracks in primary school using synths and drum machines, creating beats for his school friends to rap over. Hip hop remains a significant factor in his compositional influences, while plenty of jazz, folkways and Gavin Bryars snippets have shown up in his sample banks. After art school in Utrecht studying sound design and philosophy, he started to release material around 2009. Once a music career became apparent, he bounced around between Barcelona and Berlin, sampling the scenes there yet ultimately landing back in the Netherlands. Despite the long list of aliases that have allowed him to genre-travel, he's reduced his active personalities to Frits and his funky techno leaning duo Will & Ink. In the last couple of years, he’s released piles of music, some on his own label as a way to avoid any industry games, and notably for Detroit Swindle’s Heist imprint and Wolf. While the Frits 12”s suit left of centre dance floors, he carefully crafted house for the home on his 2015 debut full length, and he’s gearing up to release the no-House-collage EP – two sides, 20 tracks in 25 minutes, no pauses, no tracklist, just a collage of sound.

An in demand selector, with a constant slate of gigs around the world, he brings his DJ prowess to the Parterre on Thursday evening, rolling out a set of his signature jazz and soul coloured house.
But Mensink also decided this year to leap into the live arena with Frits Wentink. Making his live, North American premiere at MUTEK on Sunday night, he handles live keys, drum machines and laptop, all in the service of his ebullient exercises in house.

MUTEK 2016, montreal

Parterre du Quartier des spectacles



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