Microesfera & Bruno De Vincenti

Microesfera & Bruno De Vincenti (AR)

Cubecatz is the new live project from recognized argentinian artists Microesfera and Bruno De Vincenti. The duo explores different musical genres from ambient to deep techno. In their performances they mostly use modular systems where random textures are merged with physical modeling synthesis and intricate rhythms. The result: experimental music full of life.
For MUTEK Argentina 2017, Cubecatz will perform live with visuals from Dolores Lagrange. 
Microesfera is an Argentinian producer, recognized internationaly and localy for his versatile style and his career. He Had explored most of the electronic music types from Micro House to Techno and also Dub and Experimental Music, his sound evolves from I.D.M and Acid crossing Minimal and Microtech and also explores the sound of Deep House and Techno. 
His particular and diverse producer techniques turn him into a unique artist that uses electronic circuit bended toys, vintage audio equipment, and delicate modular systems. He also worked with worldwide known labels such as Mule Musiq, Kompakt, HabitÈ , Traum, Mischievous Musique, Miniatura y Static Discos.
Bruno De Vincenti, also known as ACUM23, is one of argentina's founder members of IDM label Zenzible Rec and ex-member/programmer of argentinian electronic pop band Miranda! He is also one of the creators of Argensynth: the first and biggest group/forum for synth-heads in Argentina.


MUTEK 2017, buenos-aires

Plaza Seca, CCK


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