Federico Molinari

Federico Molinari (AR)

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Federico Molinari is an exponent of fine house music in all its possible facets.
Originally trained as a bass guitarist, he finds his roots in musical genres such as jazz, ambient, bossa nova, and electronica. This continuous search has kept him constantly evolving, picking and adding distinct flavours to his approach to music.
Molinari’s playful and intertwined sounds are locked closely together with deep, warm, bassy and hypnotic rhythms. His dj sets as well as his productions tend to find a common ground where humorist and sleek tones gradually mingle. He is a music selector with more than 20 years of experience with a true elegant and subtle mixing style.
He co-founded the imprint ‘Oslo’ alongside Nekes. The essence of this project was ‘a way to express their own ideas of electronic music’ and also as a ‘home base’ for their own productions and those of friends. Within just a few years of its 2007 launch, Oslo gained much widespread international attention for its superb and original releases.
Molinari has collaborated with producers such as Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts, Alexis Cabrera, and Vera, among others. He has released on labels like Tsuba, Melisma, Apollonia, Pressure Traxx, Point of View, Epilog, Raum...Musik, Cure Music, and including his own.
By the end of 2017, Federico releases his first LP - a deep pool of captivating and intricate sounds - on the highly regarded Russian imprint Nervmusic.

MUTEK Buenos Aires 2018
MUTEK 2018, buenos-aires

Centro Cultural San Martín

A/Visions 3
MUTEK 2018, buenos-aires

Sala ab, El Cultural San Martín


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