Muveo (AR)

Music lover, composer, producer and DJ. He has been involved in the emerging electronic music scene since 2007, delighting decks and dance floors of Buenos Aires and all of Argentina for a decade, besides being part of various artistic collectives.
He has participated in numerous independent parties and well-known festivals around the globe, sharing line-up’s with artists such as Move D, Mike Shannon, Lawrence, Dj Tree, Federico Lijtmaer, Leonel Castillo, DJ KOOLT, Jorge Savoretti, Federico Molinari & K-HAND.. amongst others.
Since last year his energy is focused on composition, exploring sound that fuses techno, house, African beats and Jazz through rhythm machines and synthesizers, generating deep, organic, percussive melodies.
His live set, inspired by nature, is almost entirely composed of asynchronous atmospheres. It is a combination of melodies, drums and ambient sounds collected over the past several years from a variety of different contexts.

Play 1 - Outdoor Stage
MUTEK 2018, buenos-aires

Plaza Seca, El Cultural San Martín


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