Naiborg (AR)

Musician, composer and producer Naila Borensztein was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and works in music since 2008.
She studied the career of Composition with Electroacoustic Media at the Universidad de Quilmes. Naila released four albums with her band No lo soporto, and has been involved in major collaborations with important musicians such as Gustavo Cerati and she recorded her first album at Luis Alberto Spinetta’s studio.
In 2018, she produced a track with Kurt Unala, Depeche Mode’s current producer, and edited an acid house 7-inch vinyl with her band Acid Goonies. At the moment, she is working intensively on machine and synthesizer programming (Roland SH101, TB303, TR808 y MPC1000) with Naiborg, her first solo project, as well as producing different contemporary electronic artists and making incidental music.



La Tangente


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