MUTEK @ Riga

(2004-10-02) MUTEK @ Riga

The Centre for New Media Culture RIXC


7th International Art+Communication Festival / Riga, Latvia
Closing evening: October 2, 2004
EGG, The Mole - live performances - with more artists to confirm
The "Art+Communication" festival is dedicated to new media culture. Exploring the theme of "Trans- Cultural - Mapping", the 7th edition of the festival will offer a space of exchange for new media practitioners and grassroots activists and who are critically exploring ideas of locality, in response to the continental European (and global) "normalization processes".  While dealing more with the locative media, this year's festival will also explore the idea of "acoustic space", which is one of the research axis of the RIXC (Centre for New Media Culture in Riga), through 3 programs/evenings of sound art performances.

Production : The Centre for New Media Culture RIXC/Riga.

October 02, 2004 19:00 - 23:00

The Centre for New Media Culture RIXC
Riga, Latvia


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