(2015-03-06) A/VISIONS 2



The ultra modern Barts Theatre, a brand new venue for the festival will be outfitted with quadrophonic sound and sophisticated scenography and act as the main home for the A/VISIONS concert series, which will be expanded by a day this year. The updated and timeless work by Catalonia based, Mexican born musician MURCOF, and Antivj’s SIMON GEILFUS with its semi-transparent, multi-dimensional screen set up, affecting real time generated imagery and immersive sound will come alive inside of this venerable space. A critically lauded masterpiece “that plays across the sensory planes themselves, the audio and visuals fuse into one common organism that seems to live and breathe before (y)our eyes” (Rover Arts, 2011).

Seismik, the recent project by Montréal based ‘audiocinetic’ artist HERMAN KOLGEN, which premiered last year at MUTEK’s 15th edition comes to Spain as a Barcelona premiere. An audiovisual, and real time data visualization—literally plugged into the Earth, for which he has developed software that picks up on global magnetic fields and seismic activity, generating abstracted sound and dramatic visual motifs, the performance will also feature the European premiere of Aftershock, an extended rumination on these themes.

March 06, 2015 22:30 - March 07, 2015 00:30

€20.00 at the door + tx & sc

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  • Barts
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  • Quebec

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