MUTEK_IMG - 2nd Edition

(2015-10-01) MUTEK_IMG - 2nd Edition

Our three days at the Phi Centre were a feast of mind blowing discussions, presentations and exchanges linking artists and creative industries. 

As virtual reality was the centerpiece of this edition, participants were treated to some of the most cutting edge VR films and experiences currently making the rounds, while the discursive experience was just as rich. The level of enthusiasm that VR creators, technologists and industry people seem to all share in their practice was contagious. There exists an abundance of excitement that goes far beyond hype about the possibilities for this new medium — not just technically, visually and spatially but also as concerns narrative, affect, and human interaction. MUTEK and Mediabiz International will keep up with the myriad developments of VR creation and our VR Salon is likely to make a reappearance in the coming months.

With more than 80 speakers across 20 activities, MUTEK_IMG also covered a variety of other creative practices including mapping, digital art in public space, hacking, interactive art, as well as digital cultural policy.
As a forum for making connections, MUTEK_IMG contributed to the incubation of COMPOSITE, a new short presentation format spearheaded by the Conseil des arts de Montreal which will continue on as a regular event bringing together digital artists and entrepreneurs in order to share their projects and concepts. The second installment of COMPOSITE will take place in early December.
As well, Thien Vu Dang (VJ Pillow) used the opportunity of his hosting of the Future of Mapping events, to put in motion his notion for a mapping festival. Keep your eyes peeled!

A heartfelt thanks to all the delegates and participants of the second edition of MUTEK_IMG, our presenting partners Goethe-Institut Montréal and Phi Centre as well as our other partners!

MUTEK_IMG by the numbers:
80 speakers across 20 activities
1300 attendees to the conferences and over 1000 streaming views
35 VR films and experiences seen 6000 times

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October 01, 2015 09:00 - October 04, 2015 19:00

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