(2016-06-03) A/VISIONS 1

Salle Pierre-Mercure


French musician FRANCK VIGROUX and Belgian visual artist KURT D'HAESELEER unleash their live, audiovisual, screen based performance CENTAURE, weaving Vigroux’s abrasive soundscapes into a dystopian narrative using a half-machine centaur as metaphor. Montréaler MATTHEW BIEDERMAN & PIERCE WARNECKE turn their piece Perspection (Cubed) into a live, perception-altering 2 screen audiovisual performance. And, French-Japanese duo NONOTAK surround themselves in transparent screens ensconced in an interplay of shadows, light and experimental techno in new A/V performance Shiro.

You can buy an A/VISIONS PASS here $55 (sc & tx included)

June 03, 2016 19:30 - 21:55

Salle Pierre-Mercure
300 boulevard de Maisonneuve Est
Montréal, Canada


$25.00 presale + tx & sc

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