(2016-06-04) A/VISIONS 2

Salle Pierre-Mercure


A/VISIONS 2 showcases the world premiere from Russian born, Berlin-based artists DASHA RUSH & STANISLAV GLASOV: Dark Hearts of Space, a multiscreen, vortex creating, audiovisual performance exploring poetic and metaphoric implications of black holes.  Sri Lankan-born UK based producer and musician PAUL JEBANASAM’s power ambient compositions and circuit bent sacred sci-fi sounds of his latest album, Continuum, join Dutch audiovisual architect TARIK BARRI’s self-organizing structures on screen, immersing and disorienting with massive sound and vision. Vancouver’s SCANT INTONE returns to the festival with visualist C130 to present Eye of the Storm, an immersive audiovisual show that pays homage to cinematic texture, combined with digital feedback loops and spectral delays.

You can buy an A/VISIONS PASS here $55 (sc & tx included)

June 04, 2016 19:30 - 21:50

Salle Pierre-Mercure
300 boulevard de Maisonneuve Est
Montréal, Canada


$25.00 presale + tx & sc

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