Composite #5

(2016-06-02) Composite #5

Within the context of its festival, running from June 1 to 5, MUTEK is proud to present the fifth edition of COMPOSITE, an event series initiated by the Conseil des arts de Montréal that invites digital artists and entrepreneurs to share their projects and concepts. Taking place on Thursday, June 2, from 6-9PM, COMPOSITE #5 will be hosted at Autodesk’s stylish offices in Montréal’s Cité du Multimédia.

This initiative resulting from several meetings organized by the Conseil des arts de Montréal seeks to give rise to connections and cross-pollination between creators, artists' centres, organizations, businesses, and professionals operating within the digital milieu. The goal: to inspire, inspire... and inspire!

Selected projects of edition #5 below :

► Experiments in Interactive Musical Composition For Cardboard (Study for Lake Louise) presented by Louise Foo (DK/US)
The project came from a curiosity of what it would be like to be placed inside a song? What does it feel like when music becomes attached to a place, and when sounds become objects that you interact with? As a composer I wanted explore how the VR format can inform and change the music I make - how we can design interactions that control parameters of sound, in order to create new sounds. The project is a work in progress demo for an interactive song for virtual reality made in collaboration with Sarah Rothberg.
Danish-born, New York based visual artist and composer Louise Foo has a background as the front singer in the electronic trio Giana Factory. She has shown interactive sound installations at venues such as Telfair Museums’ PULSE Art + technology Festival, REVERSE space and Pioneer Works Center for Art + Innovation

► 18 months telling stories in VR presented by Simon Wilkinson, CiRCA69 (UK)
In 2014 Simon began work on an Oculus Rift based VR performance piece called The Cube. Collaborating with Amoeba Design and RobotFunk with support from Netherlands Film Academy he set out to use the VR platform to create a narrative experience which was partly 'told to' and partly 'experienced by' audiences. The Cube has enjoyed extensive international touring across a broad range of diverse countries from Armenia and Venezuela to Serbia and Turkey. As the show has toured Simon has meticulously collected audience responses to the work as a way of informing the development of two new VR based shows for Oculus and HTC Vive.
Simon Wilkinson is a transmedia artist who crreates highly immersive multi-platform works. His has featured at Tate Modern, enjoys regular international touring and guest lecturing roles at various universities including Netherlands Film Academy and Bilkent Ankara University. He is a facilitator of British Council's Transmedia THiNK TANK in Caracas, Venezuela.  

► Culture Creates presented by Tammy Lee, Culture Creates (MTL)
Culture Creates is the first for profit social enterprise for the cultural community. Bridging the gap between Culture and Business, we leverage familiar web technologies to drive network thinking, leading to business innovation for the arts world.Driven by a desire to see success and growth within the arts community, Culture Creates is leveraging technology systems to build an ecosystem, that gives performing arts companies opportunities to reach new audiences. By rethinking distribution channels, we provide a value-added sales and marketing reach that will enable market expansion beyond traditional outlets.
Tammy Lee - CEO and Founder : I am a career arts administrator and for more than 25 years now I’ve had the chance to work with some pretty amazing people and have helped develop some outstanding companies, projects and events (ie: DHC ART; PHI; Ex Machina; Brooklyn Academy of Music, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens and Compagnie Marie Chouinard amongst others). My years of experience have culminated into a singular entrepreneurial goal of building Culture Creates, Canada’s first socially innovative and financially viable tech start-up for the non-profit performing arts sector. We can be resilient, even if only incrementally.

► Print Scrn : Editorial Design in the Digital Era presented by Alexander Scholz, HOLO Magazine (CA/DE)
HOLO is a magazine about emerging trajectories in art, science, and technology. Towering installations visualize scientific data, projectors beam kaleidoscopic animations onto sculptural forms, responsive 3D-printed environments mimic life—as consumer electronics become indistinguishable from science fiction, contemporary artists and designers are prototyping fantastical futures before our very eyes. With its second issue due imminently, HOLO Creative Director Alexander Scholz provides an introduction to the publication and its editorial outlook.
Founder and Creative Director of HOLO, Alexander Scholz is a Berlin-based art director and writer, who has been crafting narratives in a variety of editorial formats for over a decade.

MAPP_MTL, the International Mapping Festival of Montreal presented by Thien Vu Dang, MAPP_MTL (MTL)
From October 6-8th 2016, MAPP_MTL, the International Mapping Festival of Montreal, will emerge at the convergence points of Montreal’s renowned Mile End and Mile-Ex neighbourhoods, proposing circuits of both interior and exterior installations, exploring as an open laboratory--a vision of the future of mapping. Mapping--also called projection mapping or pixel mapping--is a fascinating medium that uses video projection to reinvent the places, spaces and objects that surround us. Playing with our perceptions of reality and touching people by means of its power to transform--such is the seemingly unlimited potential of mapping. MAPP_MTL is a creative forum where artists, technologists and the public congregate to reflect on, celebrate and push the boundaries of the future of this inspiring creative medium.
An incubator of ideas and a generator of action, MAPP regroups a community of artists, artisans and thinkers dedicated to exploring the limits of mapping, as much for its power and vocabulary as a language as for its myriad technical possibilities and--over the long term--for its applications across civic society. The principal goal of MAPP_MTL is to create a window onto the field of possibilities of the art of transformation that is mapping, and to offer an opportunity to the public at large to live uncommon and exceptional experiences.
Thien Vu Dang's professional career evolved from cinema to the world of Vj-ing in 2001 after he discovered the exploratory potential of live video. He also played an unifying role by being the co-founder of SAT_MixSessions and the Minutes Moments. After spending three years in Moment Factory's studios, Thien is now dedicated to his artistic career and setting up happenings in order to celebrate media and arts that inspire him.
Instagram: mapp_montreal

Hello publics – Rethinking social change and impact through interactive platforms presented by Sandra Rodriguez, MIT Open Documentary Lab (MTL/US)
The project came from a curiosity of what it would be like to be placed inside a song? What does it feel like when music becomes attached to a place, and when sounds become objects that you interact with? As a composer I wanted explore how the VR format can inform and change the music I make - how we can design interactions that control parameters of sound, in order to create new sounds. The project is a work in progress demo for an interactive song for virtual reality made in collaboration with Sarah Rothberg.
Sandra Rodriguez is a filmmaker and a sociologist of new media technologies. Fascinated by the intricate human/machine relationship, she has recently worked on the Do Not Track webseries and pursues, with Hello-Publics her exploration of new tools through which choose to tell stories.

► Ambient intelligence for Madison Square Garden living hotel presented by Ron Morissette, Realisations Inc. (MTL)
The challenge was to imagine next generation digital technology not seen in any other New York hotel. Renaissance Hotels, known for helping the next generation of business travelers discover unexpected cultural experiences, will open the first digitally enhanced hotel in the heart of the NYC garment district in the spring of 2016. The hotel wishes to feature ever-changing digital experiences that will undeniably change the hotel scene.Realisations was called in because the client wanted someone how could “not only imagine what we wanted but could also do it.” Realisations’ installations at the hotel – ambient intelligence corridor, interactive concierge alcove through gesture, LED clock and remarkable lobby photos– successfully integrated the desire for a digitally enhanced hotel and the Business Unusual brand of Renaissance Hotels.
Ron Morissette worked in sales then as a consultant for projects in North America, Europe and Latin America. He is past president of the Canadian Institute of Theatre Technology and was awarded its Dieter Penzhorn prize for significant service to the Canadian cultural community and the Ron Epp Memorial Award for Professional Achievement. As GM, Corporate Development for Solotech, he engineered its expansion across Canada. Ron holds a BFA in Theatre.

Démarche "Le vendeur de goyave" (premier roman numérique immersif) presented by Ugo Monticone (MTL)
Le vendeur de goyaves" combines more than 174 media elements to plunge the reader into the story. Written after a 4 months trip to India, this project is considered as the first digital immersive novel. Developped thanks to a a crowd-funding campaign, Le vendeur de Goyaves rises in first place of the Canada AppStore book sales, won the Boomerang prize and is the NUMIX 2016 finalist for "digital artwork of the year". The author, Ugo Monticone will talk about this novel and his future projects.
Ugo Monticone has pusblished 10 books so far. In 2015, he published the first immersive digital novel, "Le vendeur de goyaves". Considered as "the reinvented digital novel" by LaPresse + and as "the book of the future" by the Journal 24h.

► Re-Remix presented by Guillaume Déziel (MTL)
Collaborative platform of copyright sharing, RE-REMIX is a platform under development dedicated to cultural contents remixing. This platform aims to generate new "open" and collaboratives attitudes between Québécois creators. A project based on fair sharing copyrights and wages values.
Music College Preparatory Diploma holder, Guillaume Déziel changed his direction to studio recording. Since 1995, he worked for TVA, Radio-Canada, Eworldmusic, Audiogram, Disques RSB and Bell. Manager, publisher and associate to the electro-pop band Misteur Valaire for many years, he's now working in synch placement, mixing music industry and advertisement. Both music publisher and Creative Commons vulgarizator, he frequently attends to question the future of digital culture (CALQ, SODEC, MCC, musiQCnumeriQC ...). He writes about digital issues in culture and democracy, including for the Huffington Post for whom Guillaume is a regular blogger. 

Past COMPOSITE editions:
> Composite #4 presented by OBORO @ Moment Factory on Tuesday, April 19, 2016
> Composite #3 presented by Agence TOPO @ Maison Notman on Wednesday, February 3, 2016
> Composite #2 presented by MUTEK_IMG @ SID LEE on Tuesday, December 8, 2015
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Free. RSVP obligatory.
Snacks and drinks.

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5.30pm Doors open
6.00pm – 8.00pm - Presentations
8.00pm – 9.00pm - Networking

June 02, 2016 18:00 - 21:00

10 Rue Duke, Montréal, QC H3C 2L7, Canada
Montréal, Canada

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