MUTEKLIVE218 - Steve Bates & Michaela Grill

MUTEKLIVE218 - Steve Bates & Michaela Grill

February 07, 2020

MUTEKLIVE218 - Steve Bates & Michaela Grill

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"Black Seas"
August 23, 2019
Mastered by @pheek (

Montréal-based musician Steve Bates and Montréal-based Austrian visual artist Michaela Grill, in a mutable solo and ensemble project

Electroacoustic and instrumental performance hurtling towards a sonic threshold; musical and audiovisual inquiries into hallucinatory experiences; high-contrast multi-channel visual transmissions of natural phenomena

Labels: @oral_records

Latest: Le double album Atmospheres, Soundtracks and Transmission (2019), Black Seas (Radius) (2018), Organ (2018)

The expanded ensemble version of Black Seas has included members of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Set Fire to Flames and several other local and international musicians and visual artists


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