MUTEK retook its contact with Buenos Aires after several years of stand by. Latin America has actively participated in the festival's adventures since 2002, with the first events in Argentina taking place in 2005 during a tour that also visited Chile, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. MUTEK Argentina established its foothold soon after, producing one and several day events until 2010, creating an important connection node between South American, European and international artists.
Revitalized and restored, MUTEK Argentina returned in 2017 for the Edition 1 of the "new era", and rappidly settled itself in the Buenos Aires' annual agenda as a space for diversity and convergence in terms of art, technology, culture, accessibility and gender.
Prior to Edition 3, which will take place from September 12_14.2019, the festival has already fulfilled its essential objective, that of being a platform that brings the artistic innovations closer to the public and at the same time works as a meeting space and information flow for artists and the local and international community.



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