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MATT THIBIDEAU - BIO For the last 20 years, Matt Thibideau has been involved in making electronic music. He started off with his Moog Prodigy, a 4 track, and a drum machine. Matt dove into making electronic, industrial pop songs in 1989-1990. His basement soon became the place where he and his twin brother Mark would start their first project called the Waxbean Orchard. This was all in a small town called “Wallaceburg” Ontario (located close the American border not far from Detroit). Over time Matt?s interest in electronic music grew and he relocated to Toronto where his chances of releasing records & performing grew. He dove into making ambient and techno music after experiencing some of the local underground parties. This lead to several releases on Blue Recordings in the mid to late 90?s. Matt?s monikor at the time was “Altitude”. This started a chain reaction of working with other local labels such as Chair and Cynosure Recordings. Matt was also performing with the likes of Jeremy Caulfield, Mike Shannon, Adam Marshal, Jeff Milligan, Mike Huckaby, Ritchie Hawtin, Akufen and Peter Grove. He and Mark started working on a new project called “Repair” in 2001. It was dedicated to all of the old broken synthesizers that they had in their studio. This was quickly signed to both Sub-Static records (Germany) as “V-Wreck” and Dumb-Unit records (Canada at that time) as “Blackline Display”. Matt followed up this project with solo releases on Cynosure and Sub-Static records around 2003. He has performed live at several venues and festivals and does not use a laptop to do so. Venues such as Mutek (Montreal), C.O. pop festival (Cologne), Observatori (Valencia), Bunker (NYC), Break & Enter (Toronto), Tempo (Toronto), Watergate & Suicide Circus, (Berlin) and Oslo (Detroit) have welcomed his live performances. Matt has started a small label called “Obsolete Components” based on using his old synthsesizers and recording equipment. And recently was featured in the documentary “I Dream Of Wires” Obsolete Components has released a new Repair EP and video along with several of Matt?s Archived unreleased recordings, A Modular Project with Brother Mark Thibideau, and the Upcoming Ambient “Reclusion” record that will be released with Echospace Detroit this year. These synthesizers are his inspiration for new sounds and ideas. His love for these vintage instruments gets incorporated into all of his projects.

Nocturne 3
MUTEK 2012, montreal


Originaire de Wallaceburg et vivant maintenant à Toronto, Matt Thibideau est un producteur canadien actif depuis la fin des années 90. Ses premières sorties sont signées sous le nom d’Altitude et publiées sur l'étiquette Blue Recordings. Bien vite, il collabore avec d'autres labels locaux comme Chair et Cynosure Recordings et partage l'affiche avec des artistes tels Richie Hawtin, Jeremy P. Caulfied, Mike Shannon ou Adam Marshall. En 2001, il développe avec son frère le projet Repair, inspiré par les synthétiseurs vintage accumulés dans son studio, et dont les productions sortent sur les labels Dumb-Unit et Sub-Static. Il a publié son premier album, Two Places, sur Deep Data en janvier 2011. Aussi associé au label Cynosure, pour lequel MUTEK avait le plaisir de l'accueillir en 2009 lors d'un mémorable showcase programmé au Savoy du Métropolis, Matt Thibideau se produira cette année sur la scène principale.

NOCTURNE 3: Bounce le Monde


Matt Thibideau, producteur minimal-techno de Toronto, commence la musique en 1989 aux côtés de son jumeau Mark au sein de la formation pop industrielle Waxbean Orchard. Dès 1993, au contact avec la communauté de la techno underground techno de Détroit, alors en plein essor, il produit sous le pseudonyme d’Altitude une musique beaucoup plus rythmée.

Pont idéal entre Berlin et Détroit, sa musique lui vaut alors la sortie, dès 2000, de plusieurs simples sur Blue Recordings. En 2002, il produit sous son propre nom et signe ses deux premiers simples sur Cynosure, l’étiquette de Mike Shannon. Quand il n’est pas occupé à ses projets solo, Thibideau œuvre avec son frère au sein de Repair, une évolution de Waxbean Orchard qui aligne le même chanteur (Dawn Lewis) mais dans une direction indiscutablement plus techno. Repair a signé plusieurs sorties sur Dumb-Unit de Jeremy Caulfield ainsi que sur l’étiquette berlinoise Sub-Static.

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