DJ Champion presents Delinquent Dance Music

DJ Champion presents Delinquent Dance Music (CA)

Expérience 4
MUTEK 2012, montreal

Espace SAT

A rock guitarist with a deep appreciation for techno who ultimately found fame with electronica’s poppier sensibilities, Champion’s Maxime Morin is a Quebecois anomaly. Beginning his career with a handful of records as Mad Max on the Hautec label, he went on to develop a lauded sound that travels the world under the Champion banner, where his instrument of choice reappears in the form of myriad processed samples, always astutely paired. His 2005 debut album Chill’em All (featuring the bluesy vocals of Beast’s Betty Bonifassi) was a huge critical and commercial success, and was followed by the more rock-infused Resistance (2009), strongly inspired by 20th century work songs. Champion’s explosive signature sound marries the power of electric rock with electronic drum wizardry.  This year, Champion arrives at MUTEK to reclaim his techno roots with a left turn back into the darker recesses of techno.

Beatport Top 10

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