Slikback (KE)

Slikback is the perfect example of the hyperactivity and postmodern crushing typical of the Internet era.
From Kenya and under the umbrella of Nyege Nyege Tapes, he has produced more than 400 songs in only two years of trajectory: using the experimental eclecticism of referents such as Objekt, Slikback mixes breaks, drum 'n bass, reguetón and kuduro rhythms with genres such as grime or trap.
It may sound confusing, but it is incredibly exciting: not in vain, the prestigious journalist Philip Sherburne quoted that he had never heard anything like thKenyan producer and DJ, Slikbackis before.
HIs performance at MUTEK Barcelona will be the debut of Slikback in the city.

Nocturne 1
MUTEK 2019, spain

Nitsa / Astin - Nitsa


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