Map.ache (DE)

Map.ache is Jan Barich, Dj-producer based in Leipzig  better known for his releases on Giegling and also part of the DJ duo Manamana. He runs the KANN record label together with Alex Neuschulz and Dennis Knoof with highly regarded releases by Sevensol, Bender,Traumprinz or Falke. 

In 2012 he released his debut album ¨Ulfo¨ on his label KANN and just recently in 2018 he released his new album, ¨Vom Ende bis zum Anfang¨ on Giegling which was inspired by his emotional repsonse to the death of his father and the birth of his son. The album  includes the long sought-afteer club anthems ¨Seis¨ and ¨dream / Awake¨ played at recent Giegling events and at the Georgian Parliament protests.

Map.ache makes his Barcelona live debut at MUTEK.ES 2019!

Nocturne 1
MUTEK 2019, spain

Nitsa / Astin - Astin


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