Mina & Bryte

Mina & Bryte (GH/UK)

The British producer Mina is one UK’s most exciting rising talents. Influenced by her love of afrobeats, dancehall and UK funky, Mina’s vibrant and melodic tracks fuse together all kinds of syncopated rhythms from around the world. Outside of the UK Mina, has collaborated with vocalists and producers from Peru, Sierra Leone and Ghana, including Bryte who appears on several of her tracks.

Bryte has established himself as one of the most exciting voices coming out of Ghana in recent times. He has developed a global following due to his unique fusion of afrobeats, rap, funky and experimental club sounds. 

A few weeks after releasing her debut album for Enchufada (on Branko's record label of Buraka Som Sistema), Mina will debut at MUTEK and in Barcelona accompanied by Bryte as MC.

Nocturne 2
MUTEK 2019, spain

Nitsa / Astin - Astin


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