MUTEK.ES Previews: Getting to Know… Guillamino

Performing at Pre-Nocturne, Music Hall // February 10

Teresa Vallbona - 24 janvier 2012
MUTEK.ES Previews: Getting to Know… Guillamino

Jump ropes, mozzarella dreams, big ice cream cones, sticky fingers, dirty lips, sweat, temptation, and a handful of self-determination. These are the sounds and feels of Guillamino, an artist whose diverse wanderings through electronica, hip-hop, jazz and dubstep have prompted Gilles Peterson to name him “someone to watch now”. Guillamino participated in Red Bull Music Academy 2008, toured France, Chile, USA, the Netherlands and England, and performed at SXSW '09, TodaysArt Festival, Excuse My French, Rough Trade Shop, Lock Tavern in Camden, SeOne Club and Electroacoustic Club.

Guillamino will be performing as part of the Pre-Nocturne event at the Music Hall on Friday, February 10th alongside DJ Raff and DJ Face-Tic. The early evening showcase serves as a smooth transition between the A/Visions program and the more beat-oriented Nocturne series.


TV: Many things have been said about your music. How would you define it?

G: It’s electronic music with pop structures, but feeds from many influences, mainly hip-hop and funk. I like to invent my own tags to play with things a little: handwritten beats, bass mozzarella, frozen funk...

TV: How do you shift from the Sardana [Ed’s Note: a Catalan folk dance] to electronic music and from songwriting to hip-hop so naturally? Tell us about this progression and what’s in store for the near future.

G: The common thread is always the song: house/techno today has been popularized, hip-hop too. Just look at how R&B is being sampled in “bass” music, post-step or whatever they call it. In most cases, whenever you have a song, you can change the way it’s dressed as you like. It’s just about arrangements; the song exists with a voice or a piano.

TV: There is a strong 80s funk influence in your latest work, done with a computer and a synthesizer. Tell us about Fang?

G: Fang is an approach to the mid/end 80s sound, the time when a child dreamt of being older. It was my first contact with the commercial electronic sounds that I had access to through radio: Pet Shop Boys, George Michael, Prince, Modern Talking, Duran Duran. All that music has a lot of light (and lots of shadows).

I limited myself as though I were in the 80s, mainly producing with sounds from my Casio CZ-5000.

TV: The single “Infern de foc” opens the Guillamino 12 project. What's it about?

G: It means hell fire and is an impossible love song. It is a natural continuation of my record, Fang; a topic in the same vein, a Prince-like funky ballad to begin the journey that is 2012, with a release each month.

TV: Your art works have very carefully elaborated imagery. What is the creative process like for this?

G: A release is often delayed because of this: we spend a long time and start with a preliminary idea, which isn’t always clear and develops naturally. I think it's important that each release has its own specific and thoughtful image. Same with the videos; they always have a very free and very experimental perspective, which gives them added value.

TV: What can we expect from your show at MicroMUTEK.ES?

G: It will be my live band performing a more electronic and dance repertoire. Come lightweight and with slippers!


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